Building Green

David L. Lawrence Convention Center

David L. Lawrence Convention Center photoThe Master Builders' Association is the foremost coalition of construction firms in Western Pennsylvania. As a compliment to the superior services offered by MBA contractors in commercial, institutional and industrial construction, MBA contractors also produce buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work. The MBA maintains its leadership position in sustainability due in large part to the MBA's Green Builders Committee.

The Committee's mission is:

Improving our region's construction community by uniting, promoting and creating a pool of professionals that facilitate healthy, sustainable living while building our region.

Every year the committee hosts "The Green Builders Symposium." This event features seminars on trending construction industry topics. The 2015 symposium was held in October and it featured these seminars:

The Pittsburgh region is nationally recognized as a leader in green construction, and within the Pittsburgh region MBA contractors have stepped forward to take the lead in building green. The fact that MBA contractors built over 90% of the square footage of LEED Certified Buildings in the Pittsburgh region is proof of the MBA's commitment and knowledge in green. To further demonstrate the MBA's commitment to building green, the MBA built its headquarters to achieve a LEED Gold Rating. To read about the green features in the MBA's building click here.

CMU New House Residence Hall

To contact an expert in green construction, please refer to the MBA's Green Builders Professional Directory.

Click here to locate the AGC's informative and useful green resource center. This online resource offers environmental information specifically for contractors.

The MBA would like to recognize the Green Building Alliance for their efforts of not only compiling the case studies for LEED Certified Buildings in the Pittsburgh region, but also for their efforts in making Pittsburgh the green capital of the country.