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Master Builders' of Western PA, Inc. Seeks Executive Director

After nearly three decades of leadership and service to MBA and the construction industry, Executive Director Jack Ramage has begun preparations for his retirement at the end of 2019. Consequently, he and the Board of Directors have begun a formal search process supported by the Board’s appointed Search Committee. This search is an integral part of the overall transition process and will be conducted over the coming weeks and months. Please find details of the position below:
Executive Director - Master Builders’ Association of Western PA, Inc. (MBA)
The Master Builders’ Association of Western PA, Inc. (MBA) and its subsidiary trust, the Construction Advancement Program of Western Pennsylvania Fund (CAP) (collectively the MBA or the Association) are seeking a well-rounded and innovative Executive Director who possesses strong leadership, organizational management and advocacy skills. The ideal candidate is highly motivated and entrepreneurial with construction industry knowledge and the ability to inspire staff and both engage and serve the membership. In this truly cross-functional role, the successful candidate will be charged with the management of the Association’s office and five staff, membership extension, development of income, attainment of strategic objectives and such other duties as assigned by the MBA President, Executive Committee and/or the Board.
The Executive Director is responsible for directing and coordinating the activities of the Association in accordance with established policies to achieve the goals, objectives, and standards of the organizations; and aids in formulating and administering the organizations’ policies. The job is challenging but rewarding: you will be expected to improve member satisfaction, boost organizational and industry reputations, bring a positive attitude and always lead with best interests of the membership and Board in mind.
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