Legislation Action Center

The Master Builders' Association monitors legislation affecting the construction industry on all levels of government - Federal, State and Local.

The Case Against the Pennsylvania Separations Act

The Business-Industry Political Action Committee


The Associated General Contractors of America influence amongst the members of Congress, White House officials and legislative agencies is unmatched by any other construction organization. MBA members are well represented on issues of national concern with the AGC.


The MBA is a proud legacy member of the General Contractors Association of Pennsylvania. This statewide organization monitors legislation affecting our industry.

Pennsylvania Separations Act

A modernization of the multiple prime delivery mandate in the state of Pennsylvania remains the a top priority for the MBA. To understand the issue refer to: Pennsylvania Separations Act - Recognizing and Addressing the Limitations of the Multiple-Prime Delivery Method.


The MBA exhibits a collaborative spirit in monitoring local legislation with its participation on the Construction Legislative Council of Western PA. This organization is comprised of thirteen construction associations representing contractors, subcontractors, engineers, owners, architects, and material suppliers.

Advocacy Tips

Tips on Writing Your Elected Official - An effective way to communicate your concerns with your legislators is by writing a letter. Writing a letter is simple and is the most popular method for reaching an elected legislator. When drafting a letter, here are a few basic suggestions: Be Direct - state the purpose of the letter in first paragraph; Be Accurate - if addressing a piece of legislation, identify the legislation (i.e. House Bill 7, Senate Resolution 17); Be Concise - keep the letter to one page if possible; Be Efficient - faxing and emailing a letter expedites a letter by weeks.

Tips on Meeting with Your Elected Officials - the following document has helpful do's and don'ts for meeting with your elected official - Tips Meeting Legislator.

Tips on Writing Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds - the following document has helpful do's and don'ts on writing letters to the editor - Tips Letter to Editor.

For assistance in finding contact information on your elected legislator, please contact the MBA. Additionally, MBA members interested in participating in the MBA's legislative and political activities should contact the MBA office at 412.922.3912.