MBA/Carpenter Joint Study Committee

  • Continuously improve the working relationship between MBA contractors and the Greater Pennsylvania Regional Council of Carpenters.

Dean Mosites, Co-Chairman
Mosites Construction Company

John Paul Busse
F.J. Busse Co.

Dick Deklewa
Allegheny Construction Group

Jim Frantz
TEDCO Construction Corporation

Randy Hartsock
Massaro Corporation

Dale Lostetter
PJ Dick Incorporated

Will Masters
Turner Construction Company

Dave Meuschke
Burchick Construction Company

Fred Swearingen
A. Martini & Co.

Bill Taylor
Rycon Construction Company

Ned Trbovich
dck Worldwide, LLC

Keystone+Mountain+Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters:

William Waterkotte, Co-Chairman
Keystone+Mountain+Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters

Tim Chesleigh
Lee Manges
Steve Mazza
Harold McDonald
Ricky Okraszewski
Mike Sepesy
Ken Umbel
Mike Welsh

Jack W. Ramage