Risk Management Committee

  • Provides guidance and support to MBA Staff to ensure that an effective safety program is maintained for Western PA's building industry.
  • Promote safety awareness.
  • Review and comment on proposed safety and health regulations.
  • Review MBA safety publications, training courses and seminars.
  • Promote participation in Safety Statistics Tabulation Program (AGC).
  • Maintain liaison with local, state and federal agencies.
  • Reduce substance abuse through cooperation with enforcement agencies and contractor associations.

Joseph Franceschini, Chairman
PJ Dick Incorporated

Angela Barbaro
FMS Construction Company

Bill Boots
Menard USA

Rick Bowers
Mascaro Construction

Dave Brogan
Bristol Environmental, Inc.

Jim Cottone

Dan Fortwangler
Easley & Rivers, Inc.

Dan Freyer
Jendoco Construction Corp.

Carl Heinlein
American Contractors Insurance Group

Fritz Leitenberger
Willis of PA, Inc.

Keith Linsenbigler
McKinney Drilling Company

Jason Malatak
Mosites Construction Co.

Ralph Natale

Mike Penrod
Rycon Construction, Inc.

Eric Porter
Ruthrauff|Sauer, LLC

Andy Powell
NCI - Nursing Corps

Andy Reinhart
Burns White LLC

Crystal Schafer
Massaro Corp.

Richard Scott
PJ Dick Incorporated

Christopher Short
Mosites Construction Co.

Kevin Smith
dck Worldwide, LLC

Dave Weir
UPMC Work Partners

Robert D. McCall, II