The health, safety and well-being of every individual in our industry is the cornerstone upon which our members build.

Safety is a top priority at the Master Builders' Association. To assure that the industry maintains their commitment to safety, below are some essential products and services, which are either free or are offered at a significant member discount.

Construction's "Fatal Four"

OSHA and our region's construction industry partners have initiated a "Focus Four Hazards" campaign throughout OSHA's Region III's jurisdiction. We encourage you and your leadership to participate in this four month cooperative initiative. Click here for: How to conduct an effective tool-box talk.


Focus Four Fall Hazards Toolbox Talks


Focus Four Struck-By Toolbox Talks

Reducing Water Damage During Construction
Wet Work Permit
Guide to flood emergency response plans
Water Infiltration & Mold Reduction Strategies for Contractors
Wet Work/Project Daily Walk Through
Wet Work Permit Program
Flood Emergency Response Plan

Property - Flood: 05 Pre-Flood/Flood Contingency Plan

Fatality Report

FREE silica compliance resources for the industry to utilize towards your compliance efforts.

Silica Hazard Awareness Training – This PDF can be used to train your employees who may work around silica on hazard awareness.
Silica Program Template (word document) – This written program will serve as a template for a company silica compliance program.
Silica – Medical Surveillance – This PDF (provided by Ameristat) is on the medical surveillance requirements for contractors.
Silica Reference and Resources Handout – This PDF is a helpful handout with links to silica guidance.

Harness Hero - A Safety Training App That Can Save Lives.
Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. In 2014, over 300 construction workers died as a result of a fall at work. These deaths are preventable with the proper use of fall prevention and fall protection. The Master Builders Association is taking fall protection training to the modern day and using an app to train anyone with a Smartphone or tablet. Titled Harness Hero, it’s not just a game but an innovative approach to saving lives in the construction industry. This gaming app will enhance the way construction companies deliver fall protection training and is available for download through the Google Play Store, Amazon Under Ground, and Apple iTunes. For more information on how to become a Harness Hero, visit Harness Hero click here or contact the MBA Safety Director Bob McCall at 412-922-3912 or

On average, more than 3 workers die every month from a trench collapse. Learn more here.

Summer Safety Procedures: On the Worksite and At Home

Confined Spaces in Construction
A confined space is an enclosed area with limited space and accessibility. An example is the interior of a storage tank, which may be occasionally entered by workers for maintenance but is otherwise not a habitable space. Hazards in a confined space often include harmful dust or gases, asphyxiation, submersion in liquids or free-flowing granular solids (for example, grain bins), electrocution, or entrapment.

Confined Space Program is available to MBA members by clicking here.

2016 Construction Safety Excellence Awards
AGC's Construction Safety Excellence Awards (CSEA) program is the industry's elite safety excellence awards program for companies of all sizes and occupational divisions. CSEA recognizes companies that have developed and implemented premier safety and loss prevention programs and showcases companies that have achieved continuous improvements and maintenance of their safety and health management systems. CSEA recognizes those construction companies that excel at safety and health performance, examining each candidate's commitment to safety and occupational health management and risk control.

Congratulations Independence Excavating, Mascaro Construction Company, L.P. and Richard Geottle, Inc.



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National Safety Council

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Substance Abuse Program (Online Access Instructions & Verifying Member Eligibility.) (pdf)

The Changing Face of Drug Testing (pdf)

Tool Box Talks

Western Pennsylvania Construction Industry Drug Free Partnership (Drug Program) (pdf)

Bob McCall, Director of Safety, 412-922-3912