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When it came to the Internet, the mindset used to be: build a website and customers will follow you. But then came social media and now businesses must engage followers. According to market research, 74% of companies that have actively been in social media for at least a year have been able to gain customers through the social media world. It doesn't happen overnight so before you begin here are some tips for beginners. Then below are social media links to MBA members.

1. Do Your Homework - Research the topic by asking your employees, clients and colleagues what social networking sites they use. See if your company has already been mentioned on a social media site by doing a search.

2. Accept The Fact You're New - Don't be afraid to ask questions and try to become familiar with the site by clicking the various links. Also, take the time to read an article or two a month to learn about the capabilities of social media.

3. Interact With Your Connections, Don't Sell - To see benefits, focus on building relationships and engaging customers and the word of mouth element should help increase sales.

4. Cross-Promote Social Media Presence - Make people aware that your business is interested in connecting with them on social media sites. Place links to your sites on email signatures, website, printed materials, etc.

5. Post Regularly And Reassess - If you post quality content, in moderation, your audience will be receptive. Pay attention to your connections; see what they comment on and see what they post.

Hubspot - Marketing advice for companies of all sizes.
Mashable - Social media news and advice to succeed in the social media world.
Social Media Examiner - Online social media magazine with tips on social media.
Hinge Marketing - Do your homework first when preparing to enter social media.
Marketing Profs - Marketing advice from marketing professionals in the trenches.
Buffer - An easy way to manage your Twitter account and to see results.
Hootsuite - Manage multiple social media sites with one click.
Social Media Policies - Hundreds of actual social media policies from around the world.

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